About eProc.


Spare parts constitute a significant cost element in the repair of accident vehicles. This solution delivers cost savings and efficiencies with regard to procurement of these spare parts.


Cost savings are achieved by leveraging the platform’s functionality to publish and circulate detailed accident vehicle assessment reports (with pictures and listing of parts that need to be replaced) to authorised suppliers of spare parts (restricted to geo location and vehicle make), allowing for bidding (via online submission of quotations) to supply individual spare parts at the most competitive price. Further cost savings are derived from hosted nature of solution (eliminates need for investment in costly in-house IT infrastructure).


Efficiency is provided by the custom build solution’s architecture, with end-to-end automation of the process with a view to minimizing manual intervention and paperwork, while enhancing controls mechanism and reporting. In a nutshell, transparency becomes the new norm.

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Saliently, the platform allows for ‘near infinite’ but real time analysis of quotations to supply parts, integration to communication channels (emails, SMS, social media; where required), where required, integration to an organization’s business applications (General Insurance system and Procurement system), and ease/intuitive approach (allows for both in-house or Innovex assisted system administration and operation).


This service is offered on a ‘Pay-As-You- Go’ pricing model.